Tips for Fans Attending the US Open Cup Final

Seeing Red listener Jim Kubicz, a Kansas City resident since 2013, has shared his best bets for Red Bulls fans traveling to the US Open Cup.
Match Day and other Soccer stuff:
Fans are generally welcoming to away supporters, except for the occasional snide comment. The fans are way too nice to be considered “aggro”. 
The general KC population knows more about soccer and their local team than you’d expect. Even people who don’t call themselves soccer fans know when Bielsler and Zusi get call ups to the national team. And most are still bitter about the Dwyer trade.
Children’s Mercy Park is smaller than The Arena but actually has more concession stands. Most have short lines and good local beer at decent prices. There’s a Boulevard Brew stand very close to the away section.
Security is lenient with large groups, but only to a certain point. Organized swearing will bring a few security guards to the section. From what I can tell: it’s a 3 strikes policy. They’ll be EXTREMELY nice about asking you to simmer down. Twice. After that they start kicking people out.., nicely 🙂
Graham Zusi had done some TV commercials for Minsky’s Pizza a few years ago and they are just horrible. Here’s the worst one:
Red Bull fans should remind him of this when he gets the ball at our end by asking:
If you’re in downtown KCMO check out Sporting KC’s very own pub called No Other Pub. I wouldn’t expect a warm welcome after we win the Cup, but it’s worth a trip.
If you’re staying near Childrens Mercy Park:
The only real KC BBQ place in the Legends complex is Arthur Bryant’s, a very local chain. Everything there is excellent except for the chicken (very dry). The other place(s) in the legends complex are non KC chains.
It’ll be very hard to find any bad BBQ places anywhere in the cities of KCMO or KCK, so follow your nose and don’t rely solely on online reviews. That said, here are my pics:
Joe’s KC – KCK, near State Line Road. Yes, it’s in a gas station. The line will probably be long, but well worth it.
LCs – Just outside of Midtown KCMO
Winslow’s – River Market area
Site-seeing stuff that doesn’t suck: 
Westport is a fun walkable drinking district. Local bars and restaurants with local brews. Most open in the afternoon and stay open until 1 am.
River Market Antique Mall. Think of it as “modern antiques”. If you’re over 30, you’ll say “that used to be in my parents / grandparents house!” a few times during your visit.
Into fine dining? Le Fou Frog. Excellent French restaurant in River Market area. Their specials change often, so don’t go by the menu in their website.
WWI Memorial is worth every penny. It’ll take most of a day to explore it all, and you get a two day pass. Take a trip to the top of the tower for great view of downtown.
The Nelson-Atkins Museum of Art. Also in midtown. Huge Museum surrounded by a very large sculpture park. One of Rodan’s Thinker statues are in front of the main entrance. And it’s free. Small fee for special exhibits.
NYC Staples of Life:
There’s no comparing NY pizza and bagels, so just stop it already. There are other types of food to eat in this very large country of ours. But if you’re really missing the NY staples of life here are my suggestions:
We should all know that anyplace that says “NY style pizza” is not. Johnny Jo’s Pizzeria in midtown KCMO, goes out their way to correct internet reviews who call them “NY Style”. Each large foldable slice is meal worthy, and they don’t have ridiculous toppings like pineapple or kielbasa.
Meshuggah Bagels. Midtown, 39th Street. Owned by people for Tom’s River NJ.
I’m not gonna lie. They are expensive. $7.50 for a coffee and bagel with cream cheese sounds ridiculous to NYers. But it’s well worth the price if you’re in desperate need of NY comfort food.
Enjoy Kansas City and I hope to see you soon!
 – Jim Kubicz (pronounced like coolbeach without the “L”)